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You have chosen to create a new user ID. After successfully creating your user ID, you can access your account(s) either by your account number or user ID.

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Your account number is printed on your bill. You must enter this number or your user ID to access information on this site. If your account number includes a ‘-‘, it should be removed. For example, if the account number on your bill is 12345-001 or 12345-01, you should enter either 12345 or 12345001 in the account number field.

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The last four digits of your home telephone number.

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Your user ID must be between 1 and 30 characters long.

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If you have forgotten your password, you can choose a Password Hint that would be displayed on Forgot Password page.

Once you submit valid data, an activation link will be generated and sent to the e-mail address in your account.  You can use this link to activate your user ID. 
If you have multiple accounts and multiple e-mail addresses for those accounts, the activation link will be sent to the e-mail address correlating with the account that has the lowest separator (the last two digits of your account number). If you have created a user ID but have not received the activation email, click here to resend the email.

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